Greenstar Irrigation in Dade County, FL

Tired of struggling with your irrigation system? Frustrated over your timers not working or your lawn only being half watered? Then it might be time for you to look into getting your sprinkler system back into shape. Let Greenstar Irrigation help you find out why your lawn isn’t the greenest on the block. If your irrigation system has any of the following problems then you need Greenstar Irrigation!

  • Is your water bill too high?
  • Does your lawn have brown spots?
  • Is your system timer malfunctioning?
  • Do you have low or no water pressure?
  • Does the system switch between zones as scheduled?
  • Does your pump lose prime periodically?
  • Is your timer set to the allowable schedule according to local water use restrictions?
  • Do you need to re-route your system around a new pool or patio?
  • Do you need to alter your system to provide better coverage?
  • Is your lawn company always breaking your sprinkler heads?

Greenstar Irrigation will come to your home in the Dade County, Florida area and troubleshoot your current sprinkler system with a step by step process that will locate your problems and then tell you how best to fix them. By using Greenstar, you will be able to keep your irrigation system operating at peak performance with the help of our 7-point irrigation tune-up offered at just $49.95 and quarterly irrigation service maintenance contracts starting at just $125 a year.  

Regular maintenance can save you money over the long run and keep your Dade County landscape investment looking it’s best. Greenstar Irrigation is a full service, licensed irrigation contractor in Dade County that employs dedicated, professional service technicians. They also offer quick response to service calls as part of an overall comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction. Greenstar wants to make sure you stay happy so that you can enjoy your lawn to its fullest. Greenstar will be able to help you get your system working the way it's intended. This means following all the year-round landscape irrigation water use restrictions enforced in the Dade County area, such as two-day a week watering and even and odd street address watering days and times to make it hassle free for you, because that is what a sprinkler system is supposed to do.

Greenstar Irrigation understands that over time irrigation equipment can be damaged by the environment, wear and tear, product lifespan or faulty installation, and they can fix these issues by offering a complete and full range of repairs. Greenstar specializes in the repair and maintenance of existing systems, including all major brands. They start by letting your system run and tracking down the problems that keep it from working correctly. Then you will be presented with an estimate on the repairs that use the latest in available technology so that you get the best and quickest repairs to keep your system going with the flow. Greenstar also carries both workers compensation and liability insurance, so you don't have to worry about our technicians visiting your home. Greenstar will get your lawn looking green and take the hassle out of watering so you can sit back and enjoy your landscaping worry-free. Isn’t it time your irrigation system worked for you? Get Greenstar on the job!

Celebrating 35+ Years of Service in South Florida

What Our Clients Are Saying ...

"We first used Greenstar last year for a leaking pipe in our sprinkler system. We called them on a Friday mid day and they came late in the afternoon and stayed until they fix the problem.......When we needed a new sprinkler system this year, we called Greenstar to do the work. They were punctual, professional, did excellent work and were worth every penny."

"Peter saved us having a major pump failure. His team followed up Monday, moving irrigation lines, install 100% all new heads of all times and heights and balancing the system. I could not be more pleased with how diligent, professional and detail oriented the team was. I'm now confident my system is properly watering per the needs of each type of landscaping. I also signed up for the Gold Maintenance package to have them check the system every quarter. I would HIGHLY suggest you work with him "

"Excellent work as always!!"

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